“I was mortified”: A resident of Israel — about how he shot for stock photography

A harmless photo with a dog was used quite differently, as the author of the picture expected.

36-year-old resident of Israel Yair Kivaiko shared a story about how he made an inoffensive photo, posted it on the stock service, and after a while he found his face on the cover of the material about zoophilia. According to the man, the picture in question was taken during a family vacation: Kivaiko lay down on the grass in the backyard of his parents’ house and wanted to be photographed when a dog ran up to him and began to lick his head.

The resulting image seemed funny to the man, and he decided to publish it on the stock service, hoping to earn some money. “I was mortified when I saw it on an article about bestiality,” says the author of the photo. — It took me a really long time to tell my friends and family what had happened. I would never want to be recognized as “that guy” by people that had read the article.”

Despite the unpleasant emotions, Kivaiko still does not regret that he posted the image on the stock site: “At first it was difficult to understand how to react to it, but today I look at it as an amusing turn of events. I love the picture and enjoy seeing it from time-to-time on other ads.”

Earlier a similar story was shared by journalist Vice Niccolò Massariello, who also tried himself as a hero of stock photos. Pictures were in demand: for example, Massariello’s photographs were illustrated with advertising of Czech shaving aids and Colombian liquor, and an article about paraphimosis.

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