In China, the world’s first AI anchor was presented

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In China, on November 8, the fifth global Internet conference was held, where the world’s first virtual TV host was presented. This is a joint project of the Xinhua Agency and the Chinese search engine The robot-host has become a copy of a real person who is currently leading news releases. Probably, he was interested to see his virtual counterpart on the TV screen. Robot endowed with exactly the same appearance, facial expressions and voice. Thanks to artificial intelligence, he can read texts as naturally as a real presenter, but, unlike a person, he never gets tired.

This makes it possible to record news releases at any time of the day and reduces the cost of creating issues. At the moment, a virtual TV-host can speak in Chinese and English. To begin with, the developers plan to implement it on the Xinhua agency website and in some social networks and instant messengers. While in the role of the news leader will remain a living person, and save a virtual copy for emergency cases.

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A virtual TV host who reads the news as if he was a living person was shown at a worldwide internet conference in China


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