This is how world’s largest landfills, waste sites, and trash dumps look like

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The problem of storage and disposal of waste with increasing numbers of earthlings is becoming ever acuter. Some countries have successfully coped with this task. In Switzerland, for example, people sort the garbage right from birth, they have a long-established system. Meanwhile, the whole world is puzzled by the construction of sanitary landfills, which look quite interesting from a bird’s eye view.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

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1. Modern waste center in Tokyo

Dump in different countries

2. Garbage from the bunker at the burning plant in Shinagawa, Tokyo

Here’s what comes out after processing:

3. Aircraft cemetery in the USA

It is located on the “Davis-Monthan” base

4. The tank cemetery in Afghanistan.

5. Cemetery of vending machines in Japan

6. The Puente Hills dump in Los Angeles

It is 630 acres and serves 10 300 tons of garbage a day. This is 3.6 million tons per year.

7. Sanitary zone in Paraguay

8. Waste Management Center in Kos, Greece

9. Maypu dump, Chile

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