Video of the day: a camera that changes facial features in real time

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Developers call their invention “built-in beauty feature.”

Professional cameras of the future will be able to retouch photos in real time. A 30-second video appeared on the Web that shows this technology in action.

The video was shared by Jason Zhang, the founder of the line of professional ZAM cameras for shooting 360-degree videos. In 2015, ZAM has become the world’s smallest camera, which shoots in 4K format.

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In the video, the woman adjusts the position of the eyes and cheeks with the slider. After reducing the lower jaw, she moves and looks around to show how well the camera changes facial features.

The creators have not yet called the price and release date of the camera.

Yes, this is the new virtual reality~

Gepostet von Jason Zhang am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018

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