Google launched a virtual tour of the collections of the burned-down National Museum of Brazil

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In a fire in September 2018, one of the largest collections in the world was destroyed.

In 2016, the Google Arts & Culture internet platform began working with the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, so that anyone anywhere in the world could see the ancient artifacts stored there. Now you can visit the museum virtually using Street View images.

The National Museum of Brazil was founded by the King of Portugal, João II in 1818. In September 2018, the museum burned down. There were about 20 million valuable exhibits, including the most ancient skeleton found in South America, dinosaur bones, Egyptian and Native American artifacts. According to the Brazilian channel Globo, much of the museum’s collection has been destroyed.

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“Advances in technology, such as high-resolution images, photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, virtual and augmented reality, have not only introduced new forms of art, but also helped us preserve valuable world heritage. The images will not replace the lost, but they will allow us to remember it,” says program manager Chance Kugenur.

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