In Thailand, began rescue procedures to save students from the half-submerged cave

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They sat under the ground for two weeks.

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The two boys were the first to be taken out of the dungeon. They had to overcome more than four kilometers to get to the exit from the cave. This is reported by the TASS with reference to local media.

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The rescue operation in Tham Luang cave in the north of Thailand began on the morning of July 8. From the entrance to the cave, all the journalists were removed, and the relatives of the schoolchildren, on the contrary, were taken inside.

The school football team from Thailand disappeared on June 23rd. After 9 days, the group was found by rescuers, all this time the adolescents were in a cave flooded with rain, without food. It was impossible to rescue them immediately, since none of them was trained in scuba diving, and the route inside the cave was difficult–one of the participants of the rescue operation died in the process.

In the evening, the operation was suspended due to the depletion of oxygen in the cave. Four teenagers were brought to the surface, the weakest were the first to be evacuated, and they were already taken to hospitals.

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