Testing Trump’s steel wall: the military sawed it with a construction saw

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Mexicans, take note.

The test results of the wall between the US and Mexico / Photo of NBC News

On the US border with Mexico, the first tests of the steel wall, the construction of which was initiated by Donald Trump, were carried out. Journalists from NBC reported that the military and border guards were able to cut a part of the structure with a conventional construction saw.

As NBC noted, the customs services conducted tests of eight wall prototypes back in February 2018 and concluded that they are all vulnerable to penetration. In early January 2019, Trump said that the steel wall would be safer than concrete and would not be so “eye catching.” According to the design, the wall will look like some steel pins of great height.

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The work of some government agencies in the United States was suspended, as the Republicans and Democrats in Congress could not agree on the parameters of the interim state budget. Trump is demanding the inclusion of $5.7 billion to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Its construction is one of the main campaign promises of the president.

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