Shiba-inu puppy in this picture was not as simple as it seems. Because it’s a cat

Believe it or not, but your eyes are lying to you. In this we were repeatedly convinced by various optical illusions, disputes about the color of the dress are still echoing to this day.

And now you will see this again. Take a look at this photo. Nothing special: a puppy of Shiba-inu sits in the snow and looks into the distance. Is it? The Twitter user under the @derstern612 nickname showed that everything is not so simple and opened the secret. Because it is not Shiba-inu. And not even a puppy at all.

Take a look at the photo. Seems nothing special: just a Shiba-inu puppy sits on the snow

Shiba-inu puppy? No, a cat!

And now look how the Shiba-inu looks like. Pay attention to the tail. Do you see the difference?

Shiba-inu puppy? No, a cat!

Because it’s not a dog, but a cat!

Shiba-inu puppy? No, a cat!

British shorthair cat with a color similar to the color of dogs Siba Inu

Shiba-inu puppy? No, a cat!

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