Researchers have found that since 2011, more than 250 people have died taking a selfie

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The are more victims of trying to take a selfie, than the victims of sharks.

Indian scientists have calculated how many people in the world have died taking selfies and under what circumstances it happened.

So, from 2011 to 2017, 259 people died while trying to take selfies. The most common incidents occurred in India, Russia, the United States, and Pakistan. The most common causes of death are drowning, traffic accidents and falls from a height. The majority of the dead (72.5%) were men; The average age of those who died shooting themselves on camera was 22 years.

The researchers said they decided to study the topic after they began to regularly see in the news reports about young people who died while trying to take a selfie. Scientists note that the cases they collected are only the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that many incidents are not associated with selfies–for example, fatal accidents in which drivers were distracted by the camera.

The authors of the study recommend creating “selfie-free zones” in popular tourist places in which visitors would not be allowed to take self-portraits. According to scientists, first of all, managers of mountain reserves and departments responsible for tourist flows at waterfalls and canyons should think about this. The researchers cite as an example the decision of the authorities of Mumbai, who banned taking selfies in 15 places.

In 2016, scientists from Carnegie Mellon University presented an application to prevent death during a selfie.

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