Cutetitos - Mystery Stuffed Animals - Collectible Plush - Series 3

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    Discover NEW Series 3 Cutetitos, with all new animals, fun new fabrics and a surprise tortilla color! Unroll to reveal your new soft pet and everything about it! Who will you get?
      Cutetitos Series 3 features 12 collectible animals including a Chihuahito, Catito, Puppito, Sealito, Pigito, even a Walrusito and more!
        Each Cutetito has a personality "Hot Spot" that you discover when you unwrap it—is yours mild, medium, hot or super spicy?
          The pet collector card will tell you everything you need to know about your Cutetito—"Hot Spot", birthday, species, and name
            Packaged in a mystery bag,Cutetitos are 7.5-inch stuffed animals wrapped in a soft, plush burrito blanket that includes a pet collector card. Collect all 12!
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