The Original Bristlebots Introductory Robotics Kit - 4 Pack

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    Have you ever wanted to build your own robot from scratch? Bristlebots are easy, fun small robots to build! Once built, they buzz along a flat surface like little mechanical bugs.
      Serious Fun. Learn about electronics while having fun! Explore hands on physics and engineer your ideas into reality. Excellent STEM robotic education kits. See how fun robotics can be!
        These educational robotics kits are great for parties, classrooms, and pretty much any event! Create a bristlebot science project or have racing bristlebots. Once you learn how to make a simple robot, the possibilities are endless!
          Bristlebot kits are highly customizable! You can use the bristlebot kit to create one robot style, then take it apart and try a different version.
            Package comes with 4 Bristlebots: Green, White, Pink and Yellow. Each Bot is 1/2 in wide 1 3/4 length and stand without battery 9/16 tall.
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