In Poland, five teenagers burned to death in an escape room

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The cause of the fire is called a wiring fault.

Photo @radiokoszalin

On January 4, in Koszalin (Poland), five 15-year-old girls died during a fire while passing an escape quest that required getting out of a locked room in a limited time (usually up to an hour), solving a series of puzzles. It is reported by The Guardian.

Playing the quest celebrated the birthday of one of the girls. During the quest, a fire started in the room. All five girls died.

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Photo @radiokoszalin

Firefighters rescued a 26-year-old male. Presumably, he was an employee of the questroom. Doctors are fighting for his life. His condition does not allow interrogation.

Photo @radiokoszalin

The city declared mourning. President Andrzej Duda expressed his condolences on Twitter.

As a result of the fire, fire safety inspections were initiated throughout the country for objects of this type. The fire service complains that the opening of such ‘attractions’ does not require their consent.

On Saturday, city officials said it was most likely that electrical wiring and negligence in security checks were the cause of the fire.

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