Video: How Microsoft saw technology of 2019 back in 2009

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In the company’s view, interactive surfaces were supposed to be part of everyday life.

Reddit users remembered a video from Microsoft in 2009, in which the company represents how technology will change in the next 5-10 years.

In video, interactive surfaces, steel surfaces have become a part of everyday life: people communicate, work with information and get services using translucent ultra-thin screens or interactive maps and paper.

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The 2009 video was the first in a series of Productivity Future Vision commercials, in which Microsoft shares its vision of future technologies. In each video, the company focuses on large interactive screens that are used in all walks of life.

The last video about the development of technologies in the future from five to ten years was released in March 2015. In addition to interactive surfaces, Microsoft shows technologies such as holograms, available 3D printers, and ultra-thin tablets that can be opened like a book.

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