Instagram of the Day: Meditative draws with ballpoint pen by Albert Chamillard

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Albert Chamillard uses thousands of strokes to create monochrome drawings and shares them in his Instagram.

Instagram artist Albert Chamillard has about two hundred drawings. All Albert needs to create his picture is a piece of paper from an old notebook and a ballpoint pen. He usually uses black or red, a little less–blue. Although his works seem simple at first glance, they are based on a rather laborious hatching technique. To transfer the volume of drawn bodies, the author uses different versions of parallel and transverse strokes with different sizes of gaps between them.

Minimalism and severity of geometry in the artist’s drawings create a sense of calm and silence. At the same time, Albert himself in one of his interviews notes that he draws while listening to a very loud punk and metal music.

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Chamillard is the owner of a publishing studio and a museum design service, therefore he draws only in his spare time. Despite this, he manages to collaborate with galleries, and at the moment his work is represented in the Etherton Gallery and the Eric Firestone Gallery.

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