The Lyon Art School on the ad photo replaced several students with blacks for the sake of advertising in the US

On the picture were added unknown black people, and some of the students “repainted” in the photo editor.

General photo of students before and after retouch. Picture of Rue89Lyon

The Art School in France Lyon (École Émile-Cohl) apologized to the students for having made several changes to the general photo. On the picture, published on the official website of the institution, unknown black people were added, and a few students white skin color was changed to a dark one. This was reported by the local edition of Rue89Lyon, as well as confirmed in the school’s leadership.

The photo appeared on the school’s website in early September, and several students criticized the management for the changes made. They complained on Twitter that two unfamiliar dark-skinned girls and a guy were added to the picture, and some students skin was repainted in the photo editor.

As the journalists noted, the picture appeared on the American version of the school’s website, which was launched before the new school year. The institution launched an advertising campaign to find funding in the US, where it plans to start working with local students in the next four years. After complaints, the picture was deleted, and the site was shut down for technical work.

The director of the Lyons school accused the agency from California, which was engaged in the site, of the incident. “This is an initiative of American contractors, completely passed us by,” he said. Representatives of the agency did not give official comments.

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