Man heard a loudly weeping kitten behind the garbage can and decided to save him, but did not expect that he would soon have to return

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At the beginning of November 2017, one of the volunteers of the Flatbush Cats shelter heard meowing a kitten behind a garbage can when he passed by. 

According to him, it was the loudest cat’s weeping, which he heard in his life. “A small cat mewed as hard as possible, hiding behind a trash can, and it was heard a few blocks from that place,” said the volunteer. 

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Despite the fact that there was no place in the orphanage, the workers could not leave the baby in trouble and took him home. 

The kitten was called Sonny, washed and adored.

But despite the fact that the cat was safe, the mewing in the street continued

The volunteer returned to that place and found another kitten behind the fence

By a similar color, one could understand that it was Sonny’s brother

The baby was called Sal, but he was not as friendly as his brother

However, after he was fed, washed and played with, the baby became more friendly

Fortunately, the brothers parted only for a couple of hours

But now they again together and together will live in a family where they were arranged by volunteers

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