Lithuania accused Adidas of “imperialist nostalgia” for the USSR

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The Foreign Ministry of the country was outraged by the fact that on the site of the company can find clothes with the symbols of the Soviet Union.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Adidas of “imperialistic nostalgia” for the Soviet Union. The reason is the Russia Tank Dress (cached version), which can be found in the online store of the sportswear manufacturer: there is a coat of arms of the Soviet Union and the inscription USSR.

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“Being sick with “imperial nostalgia” – it still occurs. A bit surprising from the famous @adidas, though.” — it was said in a message that recently appeared on the agency’s Twitter account. This publication in his account was shared by the head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, Linas Linkevičius.

Lithuania accused Adidas of "imperialist nostalgia" for the USSR

In Lithuania, since 2008, there is a law that prohibits the use of Nazi and Soviet symbols: it can’t be demonstrated and distributed in places of mass congestion and mass events. Use this symbolism is possible only in museums, as well as for scientific, artistic and educational purposes.

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