In Japan, two cats for two years trying to go to the museum, but they are prevented by the guard. Thousands of people follow the ‘war’ on Twitter

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While cats lose in this confrontation, but they don’t give up.

In the prefecture of Hiroshima is Onomichi City Museum of Art, which became famous in social networks not because of its exhibits, but because of the unusual regular visitors–two cats. In the summer of 2016, there was a photo exhibition of pets, and one day a black cat tried to enter the museum.

Photos of the moment when the guards expelled him, became viral. The cat had almost entered the building, but for a second stopped at the second door, where the museum staff noticed it. I had to leave.

Since then, a confrontation began between the museum and the cat: time after time he tried to get into the complex, and time after time he was met by guards. Over time, the animal appeared with a friend–red cat, who also wanted to get into the gallery. Onomichi Museum staff told Yahoo News that for two years at least two or three times a week, one of the animals has been trying to enter through the main entrance.

The museum made two cats as their talismans–they were named Ken-Chan (black cat) and Gosaku (red cat). Unsuccessful attempts to visit the building are published in the official twitter, followed by tens of thousands of users.

Backdoors were also explored

Once black cat managed to get inside, but it didn’t foresee that there were administrators in the building

From 2017, you can buy souvenirs with Ken and Go in the museum, as well as visit a themed cafe. Commentators joke that cats can not even look at what they did in their honor–they are not allowed. In October 2018, the gallery staff, using candles, confessed their love to their failed visitors.

And Ken, and Go–are street cats. This is a common situation for Onomichi: in 2015, the Japanese presented a special Cat Street View panorama for numerous animals. Both cats live near the museum and are not afraid of visitors who are lining up to take pictures of them.

On November 13, attempts of cats were noticed on Reddit. And they described all the opposition with a fictional dialogue with the guard:

I go museum?
No, no museum.
OK. But I go museum.
No. no museum.
Ok head pets.
And then museum.
No, no.

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