Iranian actors changed into IS fighters and broke into the shopping center to advertise the film about Syria

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People with weapons and shouts of “Allahu Akbar” scared not everyone — some visitors photographed them on their phones.

Photos FARS News Agency

Several actors broke into the shopping center in Tehran, disguised as “Islamic State” fighters with weapons. Prank became part of the PR campaign of the film “Damascus Time”, which is dedicated to the war against terrorists in Syria.

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Judging by eyewitness accounts, the actors came to the cinema late in the evening and portrayed themselves as militants in traditional clothes and with weapons. One of the participants entered the store on horseback, others stood around him and shouted “Allahu Akbar”. None of the fake terrorists touched others and didn’t attempt to attack them.

Several customers were frightened and ran away from the shopping center, however, many people saw actors in the terrorists, so they photographed what was happening on smartphones and asked for selfies.

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In social networks users criticized the film’s PR for such a “rude attempt to attract attention,” because in the shopping center were small children and elderly people. They especially noted a photo in which one of the fake fighters tied a dummy bomb near the food court.

Photos FARS News Agency

The director of “Damascus Time” Ebrahim Hatamikia apologized to people who were frightened by a PR stunt. According to him, originally was planned to arrange a photo shoot with the militants near the cinema. “I thought a person with red beards (like ISIS militants) is going to stand outside the mall and let the fans take selfies with him. I didn’t know there would be horses, screams, and crowds inside the mall.” he added.

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