In Iran, a woman photographer was banned from entering the stadium. She photographed the match off the roof of a nearby building

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Iranian women are forbidden to be at a stadium where men play.

In early August, the photographer Parisa Pourtaherian from Tehran was given the task to shoot a football match in the town of Ghaemshahr in the north of Iran. However, the one who ordered the photographs did not take into account that men’s football matches are not allowed to women–no cheerleaders, no journalists, no photographers.

Pourtaherian found a way out: she climbed onto the roof of the building, located next to the stadium, and filmed the match from there. According to the girl, she arrived in advance to the stadium and began to look for a suitable place. Residents refused to let the photographer into their homes, but eventually Pourtaherian found a building, the manager of which allowed her to climb to the roof.

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Male photographers shooting at the stadium noticed Pourtaherian and captured her. A picture of a girl sitting on the roof and holding a camera with a huge lens became viral in Iranian social networks and the media. According to most Pourtaherian, she did not expect that so many strangers from all over the world would support her. The girl hopes that in the future she can shoot sports events on a par with men.

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