Instructions: How to download all the content from your profile on Tumblr (until it is blocked)

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Users were offered to download the contents of their profiles one day before the blocking of the content “for adults”.


Independent publishing house Ditto, which publishes materials on fashion and subculture, has offered users several tools to download content from Tumblr. This is due to the fact that on December 17, the platform will begin to delete all the content “for adults”. Instructions for downloading materials published on the Ditto site.

Tumblr’s decision to refuse to store such images has been criticized by users: the service was known for its openness and lack of body censorship. Tumblr banned photos, videos and GIFs with the genitals of real people, female nipples and scenes of sexual acts, as well as photorealistic content. At the same time, it is allowed to post materials that show breastfeeding, childbirth or postpartum moments. Content “for adults” will be found using special algorithms. Such publications will be closed to other users, and those who posted them will receive a notification by email.

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Updates in the rules of social networks (a ban on the publication of sexual materials also entered on Facebook) criticized photographers, artists, sex bloggers and users involved in sex education and previously using Tumblr as the main platform. The change in the rules is associated with the FOSTA-SESTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) laws, signed by US President Donald Trump in April. Laws prohibit sex trade on the Internet. Human rights activists believe that in this way the government will be able to put pressure on social networks and search engines.

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