Heathrow and Gatwick airports purchased military equipment to protect against drones after an incident with drones

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In December, due to two drones, over a thousand flights had to be canceled.

A drone flies near Heathrow. File pic

London Gatwick Airport acquired military equipment for the protection of drones for five million pounds. In December 2018, the appearance of two drones on the airfield led to the temporary closure of the runway and the cancellation of more than a thousand flights.

Heathrow, the busiest UK airport, confirmed that it also ordered a similar protection system. The equipment will allow airports to independently monitor the appearance of drones in the forbidden territory: last time, the leadership of Gatwick had to ask for help from the country’s defense ministry. Some military drones are capable of destroying unidentified devices, but it is not known whether such models were purchased at Heathrow and Gatwick.

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Financial Times journalists noted that every year drones are becoming an increasingly serious problem for British airports. On December 23, police detained two people on suspicion of launching a drone, but then released them.

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