Google Chrome will begin to warn about sites with paid mobile subscriptions

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Warnings will appear with the release of the 71 version of the browser in December.

As part of the campaign to combat suspicious elements on the pages of sites starting from version 71, Google Chrome browser will issue a warning when you visit a site with mobile subscriptions. Primarily, this action is directed against resources that require entering a mobile phone number to view the content and do not warn about additional subscriptions.

Sample of the warning

According to Google, millions of people every month encounter pages without sufficient information about mobile subscriptions and unexpectedly become subscribed to paid text mailings. Sites have been asked to make payment information visible (during the subscription process) and understandable to the user in order to avoid random subscriptions.

For resources that do not meet the new requirements of Google, will be issued a warning about the unreliability of payments, and the owners will be notified of non-compliance with the new rules and 30 days to correct the situation.

A new method of protection will appear in Google Chrome 71, which will be released in December. These warnings can be disabled in the settings of the browser itself.

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