In Germany, animal shelters will suspend the issuance of pets during the Christmas holidays

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Thus, they want to stop the practice of donating animals “under the tree.”

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Dozens of animal shelters in Germany will temporarily suspend the issue of pets to potential owners. Such a ban should reduce the number of animals that are returned back or left on the street after the holidays.

A statement by the Berlin shelter, which is considered to be the largest in Europe, states that “ideally, animals become family members, and no one gives family members as gifts.” The problem, according to supporters of the ban, is that pets are often bought or adopted in shelters impulsively at the last minute.

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“The decision to keep an animal must not be taken lightly–the whole family must be involved in the decision-making process,” Claudia Hämmerling
Representative of the Berlin Association for the Protection of Animals

Most shelters will be open to the public, but families who decide to take a pet will have to return for it in January.

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