Facebook began to ask users from the US, Canada and the UK to send intimate photos

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The management of the company says that they pursue the most noble goals.

Facebook began to ask users from several countries — including the United States, Canada and Britain — to send social network administrators their intimate photos, writes the BBC. Preloading such images in the future will help to avoid the problem of “revenge porn”, the company’s representatives explain.

The head of the Facebook security department, Antigone Davis, described the idea of ​​the innovation as: the user uploaded the photo will be seen only by a “small group of 5-6 specially trained people” who will assign a unique digital fingerprint to the image. If in the future someone tries to put the same photo on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, the system will recognize it and lock the image before it is published.

According to Davis, there can not be any guarantees of social security so far: the system is effective only if the intimate photos sent by the social network administration and someone’s intimate photos coincide by 100%. If the ill-wisher makes even small changes to the snapshot, the function will not work. Previously, testing technology had time to spend in Australia, but how successful it turned out, Facebook has not reported.

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