Elon Musk showed how the capsule for saving children in Thailand will look like

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The submarine was tested in one of the pools of Los Angeles.

Earlier, Elon Musk reported that SpaceX had managed to agree on a plan to save Thai schoolchildren from the country’s authorities, according to which engineers will build a small submarine from the Falcon missile hull, which can accommodate two teenagers simultaneously.

He also added that this capsule with some modifications can be useful in space.

A school team of 12 teenagers and their coach disappeared on June 23rd. They went to a mountain park and decided to visit the cave, but then a downpour began and flooded it. After 9 days, the group was found by rescuers, all this time the adolescents were in a cave flooded with rain, without food.

Four teenagers have already been taken to the surface and taken to the hospital.

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