Dior copied the design of the national clothes of the Romania: local grandmothers called on to buy things from them

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In one of the previous collections, the French brand repeated the design of traditional clothes.

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The French fashion house Christian Dior became the object of criticism after the social networks noticed the similarity between the brand’s products and the national Romanian clothing. Some felt that the representatives of Dior should at least mention where they drew the ideas reproduced in one of the past collections.

The magazine Beau Monde even shot a video about the Romanian grandmothers from the Bihor region–it is believed that it was in this part of the country that the same outfits appeared, the design of which was borrowed by the French brand. Most elderly residents of the region noted that copies of Dior were successful. However, women in the interview criticized, for example, the fact that the model in photos is wearing heels, rather than traditional shoes.

Strongest of all grandmothers was struck by the price of Dior’s products: one of the insulated jackets, similar to traditional Romanian ones, costs about $30 thousand. “This is beyond this world. Have they discovered a satellite, or something?”–one of the heroines in the video asks. “Come to us, we have them cheaper. Buy originals, not copies,” others add.

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