18-year-old artist paints sensual paintings. In them you will see everything that is happening in the soul of every girl

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Dimitra Milan was born in a family of artists. The girl had the opportunity to attend any classes at the art school, which her parents opened. It was there that Dimitra not only learned the basics of painting, but she also found her own style.

Now the 18-year-old artist can boast of several exhibitions, paintings that cost thousands of dollars, and a popular Instagram-account, followed by about 100 thousand fans. The secret of the girl is in an extraordinary sincerity. She paints her inner world, in which many learn her feelings and dreams.

We have collected for you the best works of the young artist. In these paintings, abstraction and realism are combined, and on the foreground is not the plot, but the emotions that are hidden in the drawings.

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