British supermarket chain dedicated to Christmas the advertising of the harm of palm oil extraction. But it was not allowed on TV

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The video was made after the UN report on that remains 12 years before the damage to the environment becomes irreparable.

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Iceland, a large British supermarket chain, has broken the tradition of creating touching advertisements about family values ​​for Christmas. Video of 2018 the network dedicated to environmental damage that causes the production of palm oil to the planet. The plot of the video, which was based on the Greenpeace short-length film, reminds us that tropical forests are being cut down for the sake of palm-oil extraction–the natural habitat of orangutans and other animal species.

The non-governmental organization Clearcast, which tentatively endorses most of the British television commercials, found the video overly politicized and not suitable for broadcast.

~~~ advertisement ~~~
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According to Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker, the network’s advertising was “the first chance to prove that a company could set commercial interests aside in order to make the necessary changes to save our planet after the UN report.” This is a report in which UN experts said that humanity has 12 years left to stop the irreversible damage caused to the Earth.

Advertising Iceland published on YouTube, and it drew the attention of actor and producer James Corden. He posted a video on his twitter with the comment that “everyone should see it.”

Despite the ban on the video, Iceland launched the Christmas campaign “Without Palm Oil” and encouraged buyers to look for goods in the stores with a special 🐵 badge or green badge.

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