Bill Gates predicts the introduction of a tax on robots

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The founder of Microsoft Corporation believes that it will allow people to save jobs. He stated this in an interview published on Sunday with the Nikkei newspaper.

“The main idea of ​taxation is that you can take taxes from capital or labor, and the robot is capital. Now there are a number of taxes on labor, for example, income, but over time, because people will want to stimulate jobs and their establishment, we will probably have various deductions and subsidies to increase the demand for ordinary employees.”

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“If you decide to buy robots, instead of hiring people, you can do it. However, the taxation system will be designed in such a way that you want to consider hiring people anyway. Now the system is actually pushing us in the opposite direction.”

In his opinion, in the future, charges from the material capital and other assets, including robots, should increase. Gates explained that there would be no prohibition on the purchase of cars and the organization of production with their participation.

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