Apple has dedicated FaceID ads to people who forget passwords from accounts

In just a day, more than a million people watched the video.

Apple has released an ad for Face ID technology, which allows you to log in to various applications using a face scanner. The one-and-a-half-minute video tells about a man who, in front of hundreds of spectators, participates in a game for memory testing. He feels quite confident, while the host does not ask him the most difficult question: “This morning you have set a password for banking services. What is this password?”

The man vainly looks through the options, remembering all the passwords that he ever used, but none of them is correct. The atmosphere is heated, and only at the last moment the main character still manages to remember: there is no password. “An attempt to remember a password should not be turned into a memory check. With Face ID, your face is a password,” says Apple.

Despite such advances in Internet security technologies, many users still try to protect their accounts and devices with the simplest character combinations. According to experts, leadership in the ranking of popular passwords still hold “123456”, “qwerty” and “111111”.

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