Amazon has a book from an interactive episode of Black Mirror. It consists of 250 blank pages

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It’s unclear whether this is someone’s joke or part of a Netflix advertising campaign.

Photo by Reddit user Mukea

Available on Amazon, the book “Look door, take key”, which played an important role in one of the scenes of the interactive episode “Bandersnatch” of the “Black Mirror”. However, for $14, buyers receive only 250 pages of white paper in soft cover: you can only find out in advance from reviews of those who have already purchased the book.

The first unusual book was noticed on Reddit. The user under the username Mukea warned that the publication is not worth buying.

~~~ advertisement ~~~
~~~ end of advertisement ~~~

The description of the goods on Amazon says that the book contains “everything you need to know in order to develop your own adventure game.” It is impossible to learn in advance about the content of the book–the description does not say that it consists of blank sheets.

Customer opinions in the reviews are divided. Some called the book useless, while others considered it an excellent metaphor for developing adventure games–“you already know everything you need.” One of the users wrote that the book “helped him to finish ‘Bandersnatch’ in 1984 without the intervention of his father” (this is a reference to one of the lines in the film, ed.).

Bandersnatch is the first Netflix interactive film and at the same time the first film in the Black Mirror universe. The picture premiered on December 28th.

The production of the film took 18 months, and the timing of the footage is at least 2.5 hours. To work with interactive narration, Netflix created an internal tool, and editing the film was more like working on a computer game, the authors said.

Due to the fact that the Black Mirror team spent a lot of time and effort on producing Bandersnatch, the fifth season of the show moved and will be released in 2019. It promised more positive stories.

January 2, director David Slade said that the film has hidden Easter eggs. According to him, some of which are so hard to find that perhaps no one will ever find them.

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