Statistics: Almost 90% of internships in the fields of art and media are not paid

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In the UK, unpaid internships are planned to be banned.

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The British charitable organization The Sutton Trust found out that 86% of the internships in the arts and 83% in the media are not paid.

The organization, which is engaged in improving social mobility, interviewed more than 2,600 university graduates aged from 21 to 29 years. The study took into account both short-term internships and long-term work without pay. A quarter of respondents reported that they had completed an unpaid internship at least once. According to the survey, the highest percentage of unpaid internships–89%–is in retail trade, and, for example, in the field of IT, this figure is 26%.

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The study also notes that young people sometimes cannot break the “vicious circle of free internships” and for several years remain in the position of an intern in different companies.

“Unpaid internships do not allow young people with low and middle incomes to start a career in some of the most desirable areas–journalism, fashion and art,” said The Sutton Trust founder Peter Lample

Lumpl believes that young people from better-off families agree to the internship. Thus, 43% of respondents do not need to pay rent – they live with family or friends, and 26% of respondents help their parents with money. 27% have a part-time job in another field and combine it with an internship in the desired field.

In addition, the study emphasizes that internships are in the gray zone–in most countries they are not regulated at all. The Sutton Trust supports the law banning unpaid internships, which in mid-November, submitted to the British Parliament.

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