Adobe recreated the unfinished fonts of the 1930s, developed at the Bauhaus

Two of the five fonts can already be downloaded, access to the rest will appear in the near future.

Adobe has presented the project The Hidden Treasures Bauhaus Dessau: it is devoted to the reconstruction of the fonts, which were developed at the Bauhaus about 100 years ago, but have not been completed.

In the hands of the company’s specialists were font sketches created by Alfred Arndt, Joost Schmidt, Carl Marx, Reinhold Rossig and Xanti Schawinsky. Many of the sketches were incomplete – to understand what missing elements of the fonts were conceived by the creators, mathematical methods helped, Adweek writes.

Now, two of the five fonts are available for download: Joschmi and Xants, based on the sketches by Joost Schmidt and Xanti Schawinsky. The rest of Adobe promises to unveil in the near future.

The Bauhaus High School was founded in Germany in 1919 and, having survived only 14 years, managed to gain wide popularity thanks to a new approach to architecture and design. Teachers of the school offered solutions that were not inherent in their time, based on ideas of simplicity and functionality.

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